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Low carb the Mediterranean Way

Low carb the Mediterranean Way

In this class, you will learn the tenets of the Mediterranean and how eating high fiber can make a lower-in-carb diet easier. This is not a keto diet. Approximately 40% of calories will come from carbohydrates from a variety of food sources. See how combing a lower in-carb diet can help you lower your blood sugar, reverse fatty liver, and help with weight loss.

Lesson review

  • Class 1: Low Carb the Mediterranean Way (review of the Mediterranean diet and carbohydrates)
  • Class 2: Review of net carbs and how a high-fiber diet can make eating lower in carbs easier
  • Class 3: Putting the low-carb Mediterranean way into practice: (meal planning)
  • Class 4: Together we go far support group #1
  • Class5: Together we go far support group #2

Discover the transformative power of the Mediterranean diet, backed by years of scientific research and proven effectiveness in weight loss and disease prevention. Unlike restrictive keto diets our approach focuses on approximately 40% of your calories coming whole grains and complex carbohydrate sources.  Improve insulin sensitivity, reverse fatty liver, lower blood pressure, and lose weight the Mediterranean Diet Way.

In your personalized nutrition counseling sessions, you will unlock a wealth of knowledge:

  • Embrace the Mediterranean diet as a foundation for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
  • Tailor the Mediterranean diet to suit your cultural preferences and individual needs.
  • Harness the power of nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, and targeted supplements to optimize your health outcomes.
  • Master meal planning techniques for lifelong success and effortless adherence.
  • Receive a meticulously tailored Mediterranean Meal Plan designed exclusively for you.